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Originally Posted by StarWarsGooN View Post
Tim Shafer will probably ultimately be the one who decides to continue a sequel game of Day of the Tentacle. I've always clamored for the story of Day of the Tentacle 2: Purple Tentacle's Revenge, just to follow the title similarities of the Secret of Monkey Island series.
The next generation adventure type game of this sort will probably be 3D or third person.
2D point and click interface is probably ancient history though I wouldn't mind seeing or playing either way.
Well This is a fan made and I made another thread on a episodic DOTT if you want to check it out. DOTT's graphics have always been like your watching a 2d cartoon. I have never (and probably everyone else) thought that the graphics could be better (Now days they could but when it was still pretty new) or that it should be in 3d. But The graphics are the same old 2d graphics (In the fan made) but of course less pixely. I was kinda doubting that if they continue the series (Or if Telltale does take it off lucasarts hands they will continue it episodic) they would be in 3d. But I was also doubting Sam and Max in 3d. But I think that Sam and Max are easier characters to make the transition from 2d to 3d and as for DOTT The characters would be kinda hard to put in 3d especialy since they are more cartoonish characters.  72528
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