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Funny one I found, I can't believe I still have crap this old.

KenpoX> im sick of this whole "clan" thing
(Exit)> IR_Slave
xX__MAX__Xx> that's why i quit
KenpoX> ya... sure
xX__MAX__Xx> ok
KenpoX> to start MD
xX__MAX__Xx> ass
xX__MAX__Xx> i'm not in MD punk ass
KenpoX> dont BS me
KenpoX> whereever cap goes... yer sure to follow
_Sirbob_> lol
xX__MAX__Xx> why are you acting like an *******?
KenpoX> along wit the rest
_Sirbob_> hehe
KenpoX> cause im sick of the ****
_Sirbob_> get him max
xX__MAX__Xx> no reaon to
xX__MAX__Xx> reason
_Sirbob_> ah
KenpoX> In my book there is ONLY a few JOTS memvers that derserve some props
xX__MAX__Xx> like who?
_Sirbob_> which
KenpoX> GEN
KenpoX> KUAT
KenpoX> VAL
KenpoX> KEEN
xX__MAX__Xx> that's why u accuse keen of hacking in front of everybody huh?
KenpoX> they stuck wit me...
_Sirbob_> im sirbob
KenpoX> KEEN knows im playin
(Exit)> Bartwalker
_Sirbob_> i suck
xX__MAX__Xx> other ppl here dont
KenpoX> ****... the whole freakin 17 ppl believe me?
KenpoX> that KEEN is a hack?.
_Sirbob_> agajnst cheats i suck
KenpoX> lol
xX__MAX__Xx> 22
The_Julio> some people dont care
xX__MAX__Xx> anyway
_Sirbob_> about ???
KenpoX> im pissed man...
KenpoX> real piss
KenpoX> ed
xX__MAX__Xx> u should calm down and act liek yourself again
KenpoX> ya..
KenpoX> myself?
_Sirbob_> hehe
xX__MAX__Xx> and stop dogging me
KenpoX> dogging?
xX__MAX__Xx> talking **** to me
KenpoX> ?.
KenpoX> ?
KenpoX> ?.
KenpoX> .
KenpoX> .
KenpoX> ?
xX__MAX__Xx> who left who????
KenpoX> YA
KenpoX> !
KenpoX> WHO!
xX__MAX__Xx> i quit the damn clan like a month ago
_Sirbob_> hmm
xX__MAX__Xx> you want to know a secret?????
KenpoX> ok.. like 2 weeks ago
xX__MAX__Xx> IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!
The_Julio> lol
xX__MAX__Xx> it's not real life
KenpoX> adios max
_Sirbob_> no its real
KenpoX> c ya round
xX__MAX__Xx> later
(Exit)> KenpoX

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