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"Perhaps so but rumor has it that the Explorers there are still in touch with the powers they had when my people first started exploring this galaxy," Jun-la replied. She nodded to Kurt to thank him for his services. "It is strange but we have no option."

She then turned to Kurt and said, "Your services are received with gratitude."


Tavaryn replied, "Copy that. Does Durrel know of the situation regarding the Jedi from stasis? If not he best make spped to Huntau station. I'll meet you there unless you are on patrol."

Tavaryn then released his ship and began entering the coordinates for the station. True he had never been this far out but he had listened to the spacers that came through in the places he had been. He also read up on the original colonies the Explorers set up when they first came to the Republic.


Tyrannus gave a wry grin. He had the feeling that she suspected he was out to kill her for her betrayal. It was amusing and pathetic but useful. He replied, "As I said, breaking the will of Jedi is more of an art. The most effective way is to strike at the allies of a Jedi. You have already begun with your campaign against Tonatius. His kind, my former people though will employ techniques including withdrawal from the Force to protect themselves and their allies. Shall I show you?"


Tonatius gave a smile. He then said, "You arestarting to sound like me. That's what happens when you spend too much time in the company of an Explorer." He then adjusted to a serious note and added, "Still you are right. Strength always lies in numbers but the greatest comes when the individuals are united into one."

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