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I am currently working on a tool for easy translating of SoMI-SE (well, as "easy" as translating that many lines can be made).

It will basically consist of a table that includes the following columns:
-English line
-Translated line [english before you changed it] (editable)
-"is translated" checkbox [undo translation(replace with english again), mark translated(if you wanna keep the original, e.g. for "Grrrrrr")]
-maybe other info...

below will be some small tables showing:
-lines identical (or similar) to the one selected
-all subcues form the same cue as the selected one
-all lines from the same scene as the selected one

I plan for the following features:
-tables can be sorted by any column
-search/filter lines
-add same translation to identical lines with one click (or multiple clicks if you wanna select part of the lines only)

I'll open a new thread as soon as I got a preview version ready (I can currently parse the file and display the information in the table).

Any feedback from translators that can help me understand how to make the job easier would be very welcome. Just post in this thread for now.
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