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Originally Posted by Guy.brush View Post
Nice work koun!
Maybe you could add a porn- ,nerd- or sweary-fyer or something like that? You know, some automatic translation, were certain nouns or verbs get exchanged with very naughty or silly words. Like those generators for webpages?
Might be interesting to play a MI mod where the dialogue is full with random stuff like that.
So imagine a checkbox for a swearing Guybrush where random curse words get inserted into his standard phrases.
"For f***k's sake man, I can't fr***n pick that f***n **** up!"

Or imagine a Christian Bale mod:

"For f**k's sake man, walk to the sun? Walk to the f***n sun? You're amateur man."
Uhh, let's not push our luck with LucasArts, eh? Do you really think LucasArts would be happy to see that mod?

Anyway... Is anyone working on adding alpha to Irishsmile's beautiful work and saving them as the individual replacement files that can be zipped up as a mod-pack (and unzipped into the required game directory)? If not I'm happy to give it go, but don't want to do it if someone's already working on it.

Oh, and can anyone extract the Guybrush closeups so Irishsmile may consider applying the new hairstyle to those graphics too? I can open them in photoshop, but they have weird striping in the backgrounds.

The bad news, Irishsmile, is that there are a lot more guybrush sprites - Cannon shot, pulley swing, Q-Tip, Meat swinging, Chest Carrying, Slipping over etc, but I dare say 95% of them are just cut and pastes of your existing hair designs. Plus several closeups, of course.

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