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"Show me." Andirrul sensed Tyrannus' closeness, and she feared it. When was he going to try to kill her? He had to. It was the logical choice, since she had tried to kill him via an incredibly hungry Terror-monster. Why was she so afraid? Sith did not fear death. They should not fear anything! They should be strong!

Then she remembered: Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. It was a path just as logical as the one Tyrannus would follow to make her pay for her betrayal. If she was afraid of the Dark Lord, she would grow to hate him more, and then, at the peak of her hatred, she would make him suffer even more. Until then--if he was too weak not to try and assassinate her--she would learn every single one of his teachings, and if need be, she would try to use them against him in the end. That was what Sith did. Was it not Lord Sidious who had murdered Darth Plagueis in his sleep?

"Show me, and I will learn." She went to her meditation chambers with him. -

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