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Where are you?

Pandora could hear a voice in her head somehow. She dismissed it quickly but a feeling suddenly came over her. Is this... sadness?, she thought to herself.

Shevlan looked over to her.

"Lady Pandora, is everything alright?", Shevlan asked.

"Everything is fine", Pandora said as she tried once again to shake off the feeling. All of a sudden she grabbed her head. A pain suddenly overtook her for a moment.

Kai... Illya... Korealis, it was Shana's voice that cried out, hoping to be heard. Kreik looked over and knelt beside Pandora.

"Lady Pandora, focus!", Kreik said.

The pain stopped. Pandora looked up at both of them.

"Deploy our units. Seize the laboratory", Pandora said.

"Yes, milady", Kreik said and the ship started to lower drones into the surface of the planet.


Illya was still in her dark place when all of a sudden the voice came to her mind.

Kai... Illya... Korealis.

"Shana!", Illya said and turned over to Kai, to see if he had heard her voice as well. It sounded distant but it clearly suggested what their next target was. Illya's heart was even more wounded at the sound of her voice, as it seemed like she was in terrible pain.

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