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Kai... Illya... Korealis

Kai's head instantly shot up when he heard Shana's voice shout out in his head. She wanted to be heard and she was doing a good job of it.

He saw that Terranova was looking at him and he nodded his head in agreement. He had heard her as well. And he planned to get her back, To hell with asking Permission to go. There would be weeks of inquiries and questions...Not enough time for all that.

She needs help. I don't care if I destroy the entire academy. Shana will be coming back alive and unharmed.

He nodded and turned toward Hizuni. There was still a chance to get her back now that he knew the location of her next target.

"Grab the mage and demand that he tell you where his ship is. Tell him if he doesn't start talking I will kill him. Slowly and very painfully."

Hizuni nodded and ran off toward the mage who was under heavy guard by two drones.

Kai turned to Terranova and nodded his head.

"I don't care if you try to stop us. I'll fight carrington herself I need to. I refuse to abandon anyone to those...people. You can either spend weeks waiting for a rescue mission to be approved...or you can do what I plan to do...and steal a ship. A fast ship to be fair."

He grinned a feral grin as Hizuni ran back up.

"The mage says the ship is located half a mile away from the transport. He hid it under a destroyed building. It's slightly faster then that ship up in orbit but it's much smaller. It can barely hold three people."

Kai turned back to her.

"What will it be Captain? If you will not join us then I will be forced to bring along the mage. And I would much rather not do that with the condition he is in right now."

I'm coming for you. Kai thought.

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