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"Let's go."

Kai nodded and then turned to Hizuni and smiled briefly. "I know I just got to see you again...but there is something that I-...we must attend to. I promise I'll come back soon."

Hizuni nodded and then threw her arms around his neck. "I'll see you soon Onii-san...but before you go...why do you care so much about this girl?"

"Because...she freed me from the nightmares...and I can finally sleep soundly again. Ask Captain Aiko when you get the chance. She'll have more time to tell you the whole story."

Kai gently got out of her grasp and turned toward Captain Terranova.

"Captain. If you'll follow me. We should leave at once."

Kai turned and began to jog toward where the mage's ship was hidden.

"They were the reason I began to collect the artifacts at such a young age. They attacked the city I lived in as a young man and left no witnesses...I was away at the time. And when I returned they had slaughtered everything."

He doesn't deserve sympathy...he doesn't deserve it...but he lost least I managed to get Hizuni back in the end...but he lost everything.

Kai shoook his head in anger as he contined jogging. He would deal with that particular problem later.
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