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((We are inside the temple, Commander ))

Wolf was thrown back as the Droid tossed him aside. But Wolf hadn't given up yet.

"I'm getting abit rusty... I better view this as a form of exercise..." He thought. He began charging his energy.

"Dark Bomb..." he muttered. His device began to glow with a dark purple aura. Dark Bomb, ready. Stand-by.

He jumped in the air; his fist was engulfed with dark energy while he was in mid-air. As he landed, he slammed his fist into the floor. Dark-purple electrical currents surged from his hand directly to the large battle droid. The droid was dismantled in seconds.

Wolf breathed a sigh, as he walked over to the pedastool and grabbed the artifact which was floating in mid air. He put it in pouch attached to his belt. He stared back at Akira.

"You alrite kid? Your shoulder looks pretty bad."
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