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"If it comes down to fighting Shana... I will do it, please don't interfere with my fight unless I die. She's my sister, my only family, my blood. I will not let these people take her away from me. I am sure she'll come back to me".

Kai nodded whilse still working some of the controls on the ship's status board. He was trying to figure out the weapons systems.

"Don't worry. My battle is with the people who took her. They need to learn that what they did will lead to their deaths."

"They were the reason I began to collect the artifacts at such a young age. They attacked the city I lived in as a young man and left no witnesses...I was away at the time. And when I returned they had slaughtered everything."

Kai shook his head in an attempt to get rid of the voice in his head before turning to Terranova.

"Captain. Do you...feel sorry for the mage? Knowing that the only reason he sought the artifacts was to avenge his family when these people attacked the city. I can't help but...feel sorry for him. Knowing that he lost everyone...but I managed to keep Hizuni at least."

He banged his head against the wall.

I never used to think like this. I never used to feel sorry for my enemies. Why? Why do I feel sorry for the man who took everything from me? Why do I feel the need to forgive him?

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