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Originally Posted by Kain View Post
Lemme tell you why my life sucks.

First of all, when my work was slow and I wasn't getting **** for hours, all of my friends are pissed because I didn't have money to hang out.
Then, my work picks up and now I'm working a **** ton of hours and all kinds of money, my friends get pissed because I can't hang out because I'm working every weekend.
NOW that I got a weekend night off, nobody wants to hang out because they're 'too tired' or 'they got plans for tommorow' and blah blah blah blah **** THAT.

This rant is brought to you by the fact that I'm stuck posting here for funsies on a Friday night.

The ****ed up thing is I only hear from most of them NOW (that its summer) is when they wanna go swimming or for some stupid ass trivial meaningless question (ex:does Wolverine have the ability to regenerate his claws?).

****. My. Life. Running.
At least your friends acknowledge your existance... Mine have been doing a ton of stuff over the summer, but for being one of their "best friends", I haven't heard of anything until the pictures hit facebook. >.>

Oh wait, I forgot. These are my same friends who bug and pester me to know my AP score, but stop talking to me once they find out I did better than them. So yeah, no offence Kain, but at least you get the invite.
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