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Ok a couple of questions from me because I am not good with script and can baraley get the whole concept of it.

What is Descumm for? and what is a Scumm Script and why would you want to edit it/make your own? Please answer. Thanks.
SCUMM is the scripting language used in LucasArts adventure games. In the game files, SCUMM scripts are stored in a format known as "bytecode", which is easily read by machines. descumm is a tool by the ScummVM developers to translate that bytecode into a human-readable format. Scummbler is a tool I wrote to translate that human-readable format back into bytecode.

All of the game's logic is stored in SCUMM scripts. This includes cutscenes, conversations, interactions with objects, and more technical matters like loading game resources. As for why you want to edit it or make your own? Some people just like to hack around in old games, really.
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