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Am I the ONLY one here who says Console?
But when I say console. I only mean the 360, my reason being this:
When you play with a keyboard, controls and keys are spread out, and you need to have, like me, a photographic memory, so that you can remember where every key is on the keyboard and not mess up by hitting the key to put your reload then have to scramble for the right key when you mean to move away from the enemy in tense fighting moments.
However the 360's Controller keeps the buttons simple and easy to remember, I can use half the buttons with my thumb alone, and it's pretty much well... better.
Originally Posted by purifier View Post

You know what! Apparently I still didn't catch it, well sort of.

I still believe that it's a tech joke, but not the one that I'm thinking of.

Ok, let me see - you are refering to the console as the game video console and the PC as the Player Controls.

In which case you wouldn't play any game with just a console, you would play with the Player Controls. So the right and only answer would be the PC.

Am I right? Or am I just being an idiot and overthinking this?
You're overthinking or Rogue's just trying to trick us:
PC is used to refer to Computers, so he's asking us if we think First Person Shooters are better on say... the Xbox or on the Computer.

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