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Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
Am I the ONLY one here who says Console?
But when I say console. I only mean the 360, my reason being this:
When you play with a keyboard, controls and keys are spread out, and you need to have, like me, a photographic memory, so that you can remember where every key is on the keyboard and not mess up by hitting the key to put your reload then have to scramble for the right key when you mean to move away from the enemy in tense fighting moments.
However the 360's Controller keeps the buttons simple and easy to remember, I can use half the buttons with my thumb alone, and it's pretty much well... better.
I'll assume you have played a PC FPS before, but seriously, it's not like people who play on the PC are constantly struggling with controls. If you play FPS's on the PC, you know what you're doing. You don't need a photographic memory at all. You're basically describing the experience of someone completely new to PC FPS's, which everyone has to go through, console or PC.

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