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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
It is with the original game data. Must be a bug with cocomonk22's patch. There it is Script# 155.

Scummbler compiles all fine with lines split with the original game data. Now I'm trying the new version with cocomonk22's patch applied.
Well, I don't want to change the check in Scummbler, since the numbering convention for SCUMM scripts is that all global scripts are from 1 to 199, all local scripts are 200-255 (I think, anyway). I'm not sure if there are conflicts when you have a local script with the same number as a global script.

If you really want, you can disable the check by commenting out lines 181 and 182 in, like so:

#        if int(toks.scriptnum) < 200: # will throw exception if scriptnum can't be cast to int.
#            raise ScummblerParseException("Local script number must be greater than 200.")
cocomonk22, would it be possible to change the script number & any calls to it?
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