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I just have the Wii version of the game, so this will be a big improvement for me when released, assuming its graphics will as good as on Xbox360/PS3. It will look great hooked up to my TV in 1080p with an HDMI cable.

Now we just need a demo.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
It is entirely possible that they may or may not let us mod TFU, even though I hope they do. After what we've seen, the most we'll be able to do is make skins. Of course, since the game hasn't been released yet, and no modding tools have been made, we don't know the extent of what we will be able to do. It is entirely within the scope of possibilities that we'll be able to model completely new characters and areas for this game, or we will be confined to making reskins and the like, or we may not be able to do anything at all
They let us mod Republic Commando, didn't they? And a fair amount has been done for it.

Modding is what I'm looking forward to the most with this. The possibilities of adding Malak, Revan, Nihilus, Darth Krayt to the game...
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