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Name: Dasskk Eagle-eye
Gender: Male
Race: Ssi-ruuk
Appearance: A red caste Ssi-ruuk (military, carnivorous dinosaur thing), with a targeting reticule hanging over one eye, hence his name, 'Eagle-eye'. He has black stripes down his sides and spines all down his back and tail. He has black gloves with the fingertips cut off.
Weaponry: Ion beam rifle.
Home Planet: Lwhekk
Starship: 'Agamemnon' Class Cruiser. (2x Beam cannons, side mounted. 4x rocket pods, belly mounted.)
Affiliation: Neutral, but if pressed probably light.
History: He was shunned and exiled for a crime he did not commit on his homeworld, driving him to change his xenophobic beliefs and become a bounty hunter to stake out a living. He has grown to enjoy his work however, and no joy is wasted in the thrill of the final kill. He is force sensitive, possibly due to traumatizing experiences through his life, causing him to fill with rage and anger, triggering unnatural events.

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