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“Alright kids, you heard the Sith. Our new target is on Jatalra.” Mech said putting away the comlink. “Ulim, get to the Unforgiven and prepare her for launch. Terror, go with Ulim. I’ll pack up our ordinance and meet you both there.”

“Yes Mech.” Ulim replied and exited the warehouse with Terror, who was practically quivering with excitement. However he would be disappointed, because a jump to that system from Nar Shadda would take some time.

Mech loaded all they would need onto a speeder: demolitions, ammunition, and other traps that could be useful in taking a Jedi down. It was only a common misconception that Jedi were difficult to take down. No using blasters, or getting close and it was in reality very easy to take them down. You could use gases that, while they could hold their breath for a long time, penetrated their skin instead. You could use slug-throwers, especially the sniper variants, to take them out from a distance. Fast with a lightsaber they might be, but no living being was fast enough to break the sound barrier like slug-thrower rounds did. Radiation, demolitions, and especially killing all of their allies worked out well. If push came to shove, Mech had easily defeated Jedi in close-quarters before. All he had to do was find them.
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