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Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
Why would this game be moddable just because another game is? It's just gonna be another lame PC port anyway...
LucasArts has released modding tools for most of their games in the past, including more recent titles. I don't see why they'd stop now.

Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
They're just porting this game to suck another $50 from you all who have already paid for it once already, the last thing they care about is if you can mod it or not.
*sigh* There's always going to be complaining.

There have been people complaining about this not being out on PC for months and LucasArts is finally giving us a PC version. And this is also really good news for people, including me, who only have the PS2/Wii versions which are terrible.

If LucasArts just cares about the money and not about modding why did they release modding tools for Battlefront (2003 and 2005) or Republic Commando (2005)?
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