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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
Of course they're capable. They're human. It's just not as likely or prevalent. :-)
And if you believe that.....
That is one of the primary concerns, as well as the re-writing of American history. Modern religious conservatives seek to dominate government and, ultimately, insert their superstitions into law and policy. This isn't just a rant or an opinion on my behalf, but an admission and a statement of fact by these religious conservatives themselves. Its necessary to counter this from a rational and realistic perspective in order to preserve American ideals and history not to mention protect the religious freedoms of future generations.
Just how big is that soapbox you're on anyway? Are you asserting that progressive liberals are really any more innocent.

Very true. And the funds Lungren wants to spend are general taxpayer money. The funds the FFRF is spending is donated to their cause specifically for just such legal action. Many of FFRF's donors also donate to worthy causes and all of their American donors pay taxes. We (FFRF supporters, of which I'm proud to say I am) are fully prepared to feed and help the needy and we do.
Well, as long as the FFRF are going to pay ALL the costs of the lawsuit..

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