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Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
They're just porting this game to suck another $50 from you all who have already paid for it once already, the last thing they care about is if you can mod it or not.
Oh yes, they're definitely not porting the game to make the game available for purchase for PC gamers who don't own TFU yet. It clearly makes more sense to only appeal to those who already own it. You're a genius.
Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
It's just gonna be another lame PC port anyway...
Aspyr Media is handling the port, take from that what you will. They've done the Jedi Knight series and a whole bunch of other games to Mac before. They're not exactly green on that front. But you seem to know more? Do tell.

LEC has been supportive of modding in the past, but it will depend on the tools they use on TFU whether or not they can be released easily. Ease of use, stability and use of licensed software from other vendors come to mind as plausible pitfalls.

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