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Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
Welcome to the Internet, where not everyone's statements mean 100% what you might think.
Which is why one should take careful note to pay attention to what they're writing. You posted absolute nonsense, I made you aware of that.

Originally Posted by Da_Man_2423 View Post
TFU isn't some FPS they're gonna release a map editor for. Since you've obviously proved me wrong, perhaps you can explain how easy it will be to release a modding toolkit for a game that is using 3 different engines rolled into 1 that's simple for modders to use?
You seem to have misunderstood my point. You also seem to confuse "not releasing modding tools with a game" with "dirty money grabbing *******s porting for a quick buck how dare those sinful devils abuse us so" (slightly exaggerated). Sometimes it's easy (all their own tools, and friendly to use) sometimes it's not (heavy use of licensed sofware, the need to replace that with new solutions). We'll see what they'll do. Condemning their efforts already seems rather premature at this point.

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