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Originally Posted by Alegis View Post
You seem to have misunderstood my point. You also seem to confuse "not releasing modding tools with a game" with "dirty money grabbing *******s porting for a quick buck how dare those sinful devils abuse us so" (slightly exaggerated). Sometimes it's easy (all their own tools, and friendly to use) sometimes it's not (heavy use of licensed sofware, the need to replace that with new solutions). We'll see what they'll do. Condemning their efforts already seems rather premature at this point.
There are plenty of good ports that never got mod tools. Mass Effect comes to mind. I guess they could later, but doesn't seem likely. Maybe they just wanted to be be nice by bringing it over to the PC? They don't need the money, I guess, right? I'm not confusing anything. These companies are out here to make cash. There's no obligation to release tools, nor should they be expected. If they do, cool, if they don't, oh well.

In this situation, AFAIK, none of the engines/systems were developed by LA, so you're latter description fits more appropriately, I think.

This discussion has interested me though. If someone could provide me an example of a popular console game (or any game, I guess), ported to the PC at a much later date, and AFTER the port, received modding toolkits (and not just some lame map editor), I would like to know what games these were. I'm sure it's been done, but I would like to know by who/for what games. LA...anyone.

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