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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Odd; I am experiencing the most inexplicable feeling right now. I feel that... I'm totally uninterested in this game. Could it be the anthems of loud noise and Tolkein-esque art direction filling my mind every time I watch a trailer? Perhaps it is the gratuitous amounts of clunky virtual sex, or buckets of blood that go to and fro across the screen? Alas, I can take no solace from what lurks around me.
Somebody linked me to a great forum post somewhere about how fantasy isn't fantasy anymore. Fantasy is supposed to amaze you and hold you in wonderment, you don't have that anymore. You just have a disposable world with elves and knights and whatnot, the same stuff you've seen over and over. Ultimately it's extremely overused.

And that's Dragon Age's problem. We've already had Baldur's Gate, Fable, Neverwinter Nights, who knows what else. There's been way too much High Fantasy in RPGs. Dragon Age is uninspiring because you don't have a reason to be excited in it. It won't be doing anything new, it's an RPG, just like any other RPG, it's set in a world of dwarves and elves, like all other Fantasy games. And nobody's really impressed by the whole 'characters-affect-story' charade.

Alpha Protocol on the other hand, is innovative. You have a spy game, that is an RPG. It's something really new, maybe no 100% originality, but it's something different for sure, something you'd be excited for.

Only thing I have going for Dragon Age is the cover art, really cool stuff there. Beats Alpha Protocol's cover any day of the week.

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