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I don't think it's exactly correct to say that someone is necessarily superstitious because they are Christian, although I don't doubt it's likely that someone who is Christian is probably superstitious. Christianity doesn't necessarily entail believing in magic; e.g., God's actions are not magical, any more than my ability to walk is. Innate abilities, however amazing they might be, simply do not count as nature-defying magic. Nor does believing in Christianity necessarily imply fear of God, run contrary to evidence or entail ignorance.

I don't know if atheists act like superstitious cults more often than religious people do or not. I certainly don't hear about them as often, but then again, there are far fewer atheists available in general... particularly ones that would think it worthwhile to become a target for the fanatics' vitriol. It might be fun to be Dawkins for a while, but death threats probably aren't the fun part of the package.
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