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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
Christianity doesn't necessarily entail believing in magic; e.g., God's actions are not magical, any more than my ability to walk is.
I'm not sure why you're introducing "magical". Supernatural is both accurate and sufficient.

Perhaps you could help me understand the ways in which belief in a supernatural being is not superstitious?

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
Innate abilities, however amazing they might be, simply do not count as nature-defying magic.
Every claim regarding the judeo-christian god I've ever heard contains some element that is considered "nature-defying". Omnipotence and omnipotence seems like pretty "nature-defying" attributes to me.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
Nor does believing in Christianity necessarily imply fear of God, run contrary to evidence or entail ignorance.
"Fear of god" is not a requirement for superstition.

Because god cannot be ruled out does not mean that we have good reasons for accepting that he/she/it does exist. Therefore accepting such a claim would be to do so from a position of ignorance.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
It might be fun to be Dawkins for a while, but death threats probably aren't the fun part of the package.
Indeed. I remember getting a lot of emails from Sam Harris asking for donations for Ayaan Hirsi Ali's security fund. I realize the Dawkins has become something of a poster child, however I think anyone who takes the time to educate themselves will find that most everyone that speaks out against religion on a national/international level doesn't have to wait long for threats of violence to start rolling in.
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