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"Evil only brings more evil. Killing only brings more killing. It's not a sin to want to do justice, but if it means becoming a monster... is it really worth it to sink that low, only to find your adversary and see yourself reflected in him?"

Kai nodded.

"You do make some good points, I will grant you that. But how do you know that the artifacts did not corrupt him? He had no one to help get the artifacts away from him before they had established their hold on him. He had no help. From anyone."

He turned toward her with a thoughtful look on his face.

"If Shana were to attack you...and you were on the very brink of death with no chance of survival...and there was no chance of her coming back...would you hate me if I killed her before she could land the killing blow? Or if I lost control and killed her...would you hate me?"

His eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Would she hate me if I was forced to kill you through some unforseen consequence of the battle we are going to fight in a few hours?"

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