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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
DA is supposed to be low fantasy, or at least approaching it, according to Bioware. I think half the problem is the marketing BS put out by EA. Given that the game was in gestation long before Bioware was bought out, I'm hopeful EA's baleful influence won't extend too much to the game itself.
Definitely ain't Low Fantasy, and I've heard them say its Dark Fantasy, it pretty much looks that: lots of blood and sex.

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Also... you can "wind up face-to-face with a woman, a man, a transsexual, or an animal" according to the ESRB rating. o_O
Heh, wasn't totally surprised on that one, tbh. In Arcanum, you get to pick between four prostitutes who have different fetishes/temperaments, or Dolly the Sheep.

she was nice

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