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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Somebody linked me to a great forum post somewhere about how fantasy isn't fantasy anymore. Fantasy is supposed to amaze you and hold you in wonderment, you don't have that anymore. You just have a disposable world with elves and knights and whatnot, the same stuff you've seen over and over. Ultimately it's extremely overused.

And that's Dragon Age's problem. We've already had Baldur's Gate, Fable, Neverwinter Nights, who knows what else. There's been way too much High Fantasy in RPGs. Dragon Age is uninspiring because you don't have a reason to be excited in it. It won't be doing anything new, it's an RPG, just like any other RPG, it's set in a world of dwarves and elves, like all other Fantasy games. And nobody's really impressed by the whole 'characters-affect-story' charade.
My thoughts, exactly. I feel that there's an abundance of untapped settings that aren't Medievalist in nature, but would still conform to the term of high fantasy. As of now, a LotR-esque world is extremely redundant and entirely unoriginal. The best thing for developers to do would be to completely break away from the Medievalist stereotype of high fantasy, and go into unexplored territory, that would still be very fitting of the fantasy title.

The period of the classical Maya, for example, would perfectly fit an open-ended world, complete with mythology & magic, long-gone ruins of ancient civilizations, and independent and competing city-states. The result would be radically different in setting from what anyone once knew of fantasy in RPGs, yet it would fill in all of the preexisting pillars laid out from previous titles.
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