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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
If you can call the Witcher low fantasy then I see no reason why DA couldn't qualify. It has much the same bent from what I've seen of the background.
Dunno about the Witcher, but here's why DA doesn't qualify the basics:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Low Fantasy is a sub-genre of Fantasy fiction in which the setting is the real world with the addition of fantastic elements.
Low Fantasy is all about Real World with some different things. Here BioWare has created their own world from scratch. Its dark fantasy.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
The period of the classical Maya, for example, would perfectly fit an open-ended world, complete with mythology & magic, long-gone ruins of ancient civilizations, and independent and competing city-states. The result would be radically different in setting from what anyone once knew of fantasy in RPGs, yet it would fill in all of the preexisting pillars laid out from previous titles.
Agreed, there's also Chinese, Japanese, Native American and Indian mythologies to explore. And of course, Darathy's favourite Egyptian civilisation could lend itself well to role-playing.

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