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Originally Posted by Scummbuddy View Post
You were right to get pissy.

First Purple Tentacle posts "His" new poster. It wasn't until his double-posting did he mention that he didn't make it. But again, never did he link people to the larger version or give credit to the person who made it, which would be Javier Burgos.

The point of this thread is to create new, or large versions of LucasArts (or similar) posters. Posting a 200X300 pixel image really wouldn't look good made poster-size.
He never claimed it was his own poster... he just posted a small picture of a cool Monkey Island poster someone made, where's the harm in that?

You seem to be aware of the fact that the things you're picking on are invalid (you made it seem like you thought he was claiming to have made the poster, but then made it clear that you didn't actually think that, and I'm sure you don't seriously think that he was intending for us to print the thumbnail off and put it on our walls). Don't create problems where there are none, it just creates unnecessary tension and bad feelings in the forum.
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