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"Wrap it up guys, we have another pressing situation. Shana's been kidnapped. We've received word from Commander Carrington, we're heading for Korealis. So grab that last artifact and get in your transport on the double"

"Copy that..." Wolf replied back in the ear piece. He deactivated his armor and glanced back at Akira. "We'll have to grab the third one before the dropship flies off without us."

After going through a similar phase; facing off against another Guardian droid and extracting the artifact, Wolf and Akira were heading straight for the exit... Until they spotted someone walking through the passage.

It was too dark to make out what was ahead. His fingers itched to grasp his revolver, incase it was a threat. As the figure walked closer, Wolf could make the outline of a girl who seemed innocent enough.

"...You're with FTSS?" he queried.
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