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I should go.
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((Hey Phantom, I knew we were in the was my choice of words, I meant Casm, not canyon, my bad still ))

"You alrite kid? Your shoulder looks pretty bad."

Akira stood, trying his best to get the sling of his rifle over his shoulder.

"It's okay, nothing serious..."

That was a lie, Akira knew it. The shot, after entering, had bounced from his shoulder to probably somewhere in his chest, inevitably hitting one of the main arteries. That would explain why the blood was beginning to clog his armor.

Akira still felt he could make it back. There, he would get assistance.

Wolf received a message, and he quickly complied with orders, grabbing the artifact, and they left the temple. But not before running into someone on their way out.

"...You're with FTSS?"

Akira's hand tightened around the grip of his rifle. He hoped this girl was not an enemy, they'd had enough fighting already...that and he couldn't move his wounded arm.

"Identify yourself...immediately."

you very much
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