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"You do make some good points, I will grant you that. But how do you know that the artifacts did not corrupt him? He had no one to help get the artifacts away from him before they had established their hold on him. He had no help. From anyone."

"You could see it in his eyes when he told his story. If he was corrupted by anything, it was his own hatred. Being all alone also didn't help the situation. But we always have a choice when we try to decide, there's always the quick choice and the right choice", Illya said.

"If Shana were to attack you...and you were on the very brink of death with no chance of survival...and there was no chance of her coming back...would you hate me if I killed her before she could land the killing blow? Or if I lost control and killed her...would you hate me?"

"If I'm about to die and there's no sign of her coming back, then she's never coming back and her soul's already gone. If you have to kill her, then I will ask you to kill me too. My purpose in this world is her. Without her, there's no point for me to go on. You always have a drive in life. For me it's her, my little sister. I have no one else. If I lose her... life is worthless", Illya said.

"Would she hate me if I was forced to kill you through some unforseen consequence of the battle we are going to fight in a few hours?"

"That won't happen, because I trust you. Besides, Shana is too kind hearted to harbor any hatred. Believe me, there's not an ounce of hate in that girl", Illya said smiling to herself.


"Lady Pandora, there's a transport heading here", Alyssa reported walking over to Pandora who was standing on a hill overlooking the city.

"Yes, I know", Pandora replied with a solemn face.

"It's that fool's ship, only that kind of vessel can be that fast, and there aren't that many around since we destroyed that planet", Kreik said.

"Leave them be, let them come. Lord Grier said we should have fun this time", Shevlan said as Kreik and Alyssa went on their way to the labs. Shevlan stood over by Pandora.

"Are you experiencing anything out of the ordinary?", Shevlan asked.

"No", Pandora said.

Shevlan looked at her through the corner of his eyes, he did not face her.

"You think you can buy Kreik and Alyssa enough time?", Shevlan asked.

"Of course", Pandora said.

"Alright then, I leave it all to you Lady Pandora", Shevlan said as he disappeared in a black cloud.

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