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So, since it is running fine now, we need to release an official script patch in order to build a mapping.txt which is compatible for everyone.
Some bugfixes are still possible, as long as no text is changed.

So is the stump joke wanted in? Someone at mixnmojo apparently did have contact with Dominic Amarto and he did some lines for the 2002's April fools joke back then. I can't find the news page of it anymore, so I don't know who it was.
The stump joke lines are:
"There's a hole at the base of this stump!"
"Wow! It's a tunnel that opens onto a system of catacombs!"
"I think I can squeeze through--"
(after requesting disks 22, 36 and 114)
"Oh, well. I guess I can't go down there."
"I'll just have to skip that part of the game."
Btw, the loading image of the SE has a floppy disk labeled "disk 23" which is probably a joke on this.
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