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The first test version my translation tool is now available.

It is tested with Java 6 SE on Windows XP. Might work on Java 5.0 as well. Other operation system should be no problem, as long as Swing is available.

You can pass the file as a parameter:
java -jar misetran.jar x:\path\
If you don't, a file chooser will pop up when you start the tool.

When a file is opened for the first time the tool replaces the first non-English language with English, so that lines that are not yet translated are in English. The other 3 translations in the file are used for data storage. (I will later add a tool to combine up to 4 such files into one, which will then include the 4 translations and no other data from the tool). So you have to select the first non-English language (French) in MI SE to see your translation.

In the GUI you have the main table showing all lines. You can edit the cells in the translation column. Changes are saved to the file directly. You can also change the "translated?" checkbox. You can set it to true to keep the English text (e.g. for "Oh" or "Grrrr"). You can also uncheck it, removing your translation (has to be accepted in a dialog).
The table can be sorted by any column. You can also resize columns and do anything else a basic jTable supports.

Above the table is a text field that allows filtering the table by the content of the "English" column.

The table below the main table shows all lines similar to the selected one. It allows for quick translating of equal and similar lines.

Please test the tool for "real world" usability (I'm not a game translator myself).
Any feedback is welcome and will encourage further development. (I already got some features planned...)
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