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Garja nodded in approval at the rations that they had managed to find in the very back of the shuttle.

"Excellent work. When we get to Admiral Velerc I think he'll be very pleased that we managed to pick up a cloaking device strong enough to cloak a Star Destroyer yet not affect the sensor readings. This is a great discovery indeed."

"Admiral, we're about to come out of Hyperspace at the Grand Admiral's last know position. Coming out of"

The stars turned from streaks of light to dots in the far away sky as the shuttle lurched out of hyperspace, in front of it was one of the many fleets that served the empire.

"Open a Channel to the Grand Admiral's Flagship. He should be made aware of the discovery of the cloak."

"Permission to speak freely Admiral?"


"Shouldn't we tell him about what happend to our ship? Your second in command is guilty of murder, attempted murder, mutiny and stealing an Imperial battlecrusier."

"Don't worry trooper. We'll get him another day...He got lucky, he won't get lucky again."
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