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Thanks for replies
yeah i am talking about the attritube bonus,and its weird that only Exile can benefit from it while others are being stucked at good/evil 99.

I did some searching and found out some peoples seems to be able to get the it makes me curios,am i getting some bugs or what..?
"Influencing characters can make them also gain Mastery. E.g. Visas Dark Mastery +3 DEX."

and from the description of :
"*Note - Atton Influence*
I gained max influence with Atton in Episode 45 - he has become the Darkest Jedi & gained the Dark Mastery Bonus (+3 DEX)."

on 5:19,the status screen shows her atton is getting the +3dex bonus as well..and i doubt she modded her saves.

Perhaps only console version can getting this bonus for companions by legitimate way?Can anyone confirm this?
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