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Originally Posted by Mirdala
What if they allow us to alter animations? We could take the Jar'Kai/Shien animations from Maris Brood and apply them to Starkiller. Imagine playing the game with two sabers!

*High-fives Mird*

what if they allowed us to create new animations? that would be ultra awesome!

but somehow, i doubt that there will be that much mod-ability.

from a dev point of view, modding should be a logical thing to allow.
it would make sense to release modding tools a little while after the release of the game, then everyone would play the game again. and again. and again. look at kotor, tsl, and ja. its been like, 6 years and people stay play it in the thousands. why? because of all the great and amazing mods out for it.

imo its a formula that works and hopefully the corporate bigwigs should see that itll make them more money as well.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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