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Jun-la translated the question to the medical doctors. The one who appeared in charge, a tall Avalonian with grey at the temples replied. Jun-la paused to think about her word choices and then translated, "He says that she will be fine. The physical sickness will heal. The emotional will take longer. He says that he will keep a strict observation on her while we rest." Jun-la turned back and asked a question. When the medical officer replied, she translated, "There are quarters for each of us and the facilities are at our disposal. He does say that the..." She lowered her head to think about the translation.

"He is saying that the station has been on alert since before we arrived," Tavaryn finished as he came from the hangar bay. His hat was pushed back to allow for his face to be seen. "He says that they detected the dark ones and their ships and have been running on a minimal source to escape detection. As to actual scans, the security officer will have to show you."

Jun-la had perked up at seeing her youngest uncle. He had been out and about searching as she had yet he worked with people who got him into places that normally she would have had to fight her way in. She replied, "Yes." Then to the medical officer, "Dag."

Tavaryn managed to look amused and said, "Well at least our tactics haven't changed. Shall we go to the security room?" He motioned to Jun-la and Komad.

"I'm going back to check on the the ship," Matton drawled. He turned to leave, pausing only to take Jun-la's hand and give it a gentle squeeze.


Tonatius managed to find work lifting and carrying things for the dock workers of the station. It didn't matter that he couldn't quite follow their dialect for he was a strong worker and they managed to get repairs done to the ship. Finding nothing to do, he went to his quarters to clean up but found himself feeling restless. He had to admit that he professed a fondness for Kalla but to the point of kissing her?

He had long resigned himself to the fact that she was his cousin's lover and he took it upon himself to look out for her as any relation would do for another relation. Trouble was he had seen it as a duty for so long that this new feeling was unsettling. He paced about holding some small daggers, blade side in his hand. He took one and flipped it around, catching both ends in his hand. I have to grab the katarn bull by the horns, he thought.

Outside Kalla's door, he paused to take a breath and then activated the chime to indicate someone at the door.

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