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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post

*High-fives Mird*

what if they allowed us to create new animations? that would be ultra awesome!

but somehow, i doubt that there will be that much mod-ability.

from a dev point of view, modding should be a logical thing to allow.
it would make sense to release modding tools a little while after the release of the game, then everyone would play the game again. and again. and again. look at kotor, tsl, and ja. its been like, 6 years and people stay play it in the thousands. why? because of all the great and amazing mods out for it.

imo its a formula that works and hopefully the corporate bigwigs should see that itll make them more money as well.
The thing is if people are just gonna want to play it again so they can mod it im pretty sure people aren't goning to even buy it if they just want to mod the it, look at JKA only maybe like 30% of the community has bought the game and the only thing making the community stay alive is the mods.

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