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Exclamation Opening yellow text crawl not showing, other game-texts also invisible...

Hi, didn't see any mention of this problem in the stickys or in search, so here goes...

I just installed "Empire At War" and after choosing a campaign, the opening movie shows, with the theme music and the sign "STAR WARS" flying past the camera, but the rest of the text that is supposed to crawl from the screen bottom and upwards never appears, the music just continues.

So then I skip past the rest of the scene and start the first mission (imperial side, wipe out the rebel base). After finishing the mission and seeing the "You're Victorious" sign, the game switches to the after-action report, to show the number of kills and losses for my side and the other, but there are no figures in the report! It just shows the two rows but no info at all.

This could prove to be a very irritating bug for the rest of the game, I want to see the statistics, and who knows what other texts might have disappeared, since I obviously can't see them and it's been three years since I last played this so I can't tell.

I have a Core-2-Duo 3GHz comp with 3 Gb RAM and a ATI Radeon 4850 with 1Gb RAM (with latest drivers), Windows Vista Home Premium.

Any thoughts?

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