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For example, if the belief that a spell will protect you from physical harm leads you (or will lead you) to hurt yourself, that belief was superstitious (def. 1).
I'm just gonna add a Yes and No to that example as being superstition.

Yes, it would be superstition.
No, superstition does not require someone getting hurt, you or others, for it to be superstition.

So what is left, if not even the powerful image of death can overcome his conviction? What is left cannot be an opinion, because opinions involve the possibility of being wrong. But that is logically excluded: as per the above paragraph, there is no criterion that would demonstrate the belief's wrongness. The only event that could have disproven it - death itself - has been shown to be irrelevant to the belief. What is left is not the result of ratiocination, but neither is it irrational. It's just a fact of human life, a fact of nature. It is these facts alone which I am saying cannot be superstition.
I may very well have understood this incorrectly, but here we go.

The facts are, we are born, we grow (hopefully) and we die.
That's it. Those are the facts. Noone in their right minds can dispute this. It's an every day occurance.

And the only 100 prosent truth in this world, is that everyone will one day die.

As for dictionaries, I usually use myself: Superstition

I read the other day about how a combination of sex deprivation among young Muslim men due to societal pressures and the belief in the whole 72-virgin-afterlife thing made them significantly more likely to be suicide bombers than anyone else. Naturally I don't think there's any truth to their belief in the virgins (though I don't think it's not true), but I am more than willing to argue that the consequences of that belief are extremely bad for everyone involved. Fortunately most people are inclined to believe that killing people is evil.
I wonder if it specifically says female virgins myself.

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