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Originally Posted by Jan Gaarni View Post
I'm just gonna add a Yes and No to that example as being superstition.

Yes, it would be superstition.
No, superstition does not require someone getting hurt, you or others, for it to be superstition.
Well, the "getting hurt" bit was specific to my example, and it wasn't only that one must get hurt, but that one could.

I may very well have understood this incorrectly, but here we go.

The facts are, we are born, we grow (hopefully) and we die.
That's it. Those are the facts. Noone in their right minds can dispute this. It's an every day occurance.

And the only 100 prosent truth in this world, is that everyone will one day die.
I'm not so sure I'd be willing to eliminate psychological and evolutionary states of humanity from the category of facts of nature.

I wonder if it specifically says female virgins myself.
Well-- I'm sure there's been a lot of, er, scholarly research on the subject.

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