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Tonatius, thinking he had a little speech prepared was rendered speechless at Kalla's words. Normally so eloquent, he was stuttering, trying to find the words. He finally said, "It was no problem. was well..." Then on an impulse he gave a small, gentle kiss to Kalla's cheek and turned tail and ran.

Matton was on his way back to the ship when he saw the scene. He laughed and said to himself, "Traditional Avalonian boy who worships from afar." Still he thought he should ask what was up and strode over. In a joking tone, he said to Kalla, "Seems you have an admirer."


Jun-la had been distracted by Matton's attention but immediately returned to that rigid discipline she had been taught. She replied, "We detected ion trails using the new sensory equipment our people developed. We were in this system and we plotted possible routes. The computer is still computing the data."

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