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Kreik and Alyssa turned around to see Kai standing behind them.

"Just in time", Kreik said pointing his rapier at him. "Carry on Alyssa, this won't take long".

Alyssa grinned and then left the scene entering the building.

"Well, I guess congratulations are in order, you finally defeated that piece of trash. You know how I know? That hate inside you, I can feel it. But then again he wasnt really that powerful to begin with, he was weak, too weak. And judging from the looks of it, you didn't kill him which makes you weaker than him. Don't you realize the only way to save people is to destroy the root of the problem? It's like this, take war for example, it is only natural that one kills the enemy soldiers but also their wives, children, relatives, everyone so that hatred is not harbored and stop the chance of that hatred excalating into conflict in the future. What makes you think the mage won't escape and come to bother you again? How about this time, instead of just killing your sister, he kills all your new friends?".

Kreik smirked at the sight of Kai.

"Now that the curse has been lifted from your device, I am interested to know how far you can go. I won't kill you today, I have a feeling you and I are destined to fight. No other has proven to be a worthy adversary. Show me your strength!", Kreik said as he teleported to Kai's side and activated his magic.

"Lightning Strike!", Kreik yelled as bolts of lightning shot towards Kai.


Illya settled down the ship on the cliff overlooking the laboratory. She stepped out and saw a young woman of gray hair standing before her. Even with these little differences, she was able to tell the one before her was Shana.

"Shana?", Illya asked her.

"I am Pandora, the executioner. You must be Captain Terranova, the legendary enforcer who at the age of 9 performed a full drive attack and stopped a powerful mage who had been a former agent of the Federation", Pandora said. "I... feel something strange when I see you. I can't supress this girl as much as I try. And so I will proceed to kill you before she can come out. That way, her hands will be drenched in your blood."

Illya readied her staff.

"You know inside your heart you don't want to do this. I know because it's Shana's heart. Even now, with all the pain she must be feeling, she is still fighting against you. You will not win the fight, not against her", Illya said.

Pandora smirked and launched herself towards Illya locking her sword against her staff. Illya then realized Queen's Heart had transformed into the sword, it wasn't the staff that Shana always used.

A new form perhaps?, Illya thought to herself but kept her mind on the battle. Illya was sent flying backwards and stopped herself. She binded Pandora and looked over at her.

"Holy Light Buster!", Illya said and fired towards Pandora who broke the binds just in time to escape.


Juno ran inside the temple to look for Wolf and Akira and found both of them with a civilian girl.

"Let's go boys, take the girl with you, it's not safe here, we'll have the federation take care of her once we're finished in Korealis. Can you fight girl?", Juno asked.

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