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"Now that the curse has been lifted from your device, I am interested to know how far you can go. I won't kill you today, I have a feeling you and I are destined to fight. No other has proven to be a worthy adversary. Show me your strength!"

"You wish to see my strength? You wish to see the power that I now hold? Fine. It's going to be the last thing you'll ever see."

Kai looked down at his pendant which was glowing with a soft silver light.

Theres no way I'll be able to match him in my current form. One of us will die this day and It won't be me.

"Berserker form activate."

Kai's hair shot back down to his shouler and his eyes turned a solid silver color instead of the red color he was used to. His muscles expanded to five times their normal mass.

He stared at the fencer with calm, fearless eyes.

I never had this much power...not even when I lost control. Would it be so bad if I lost control? Unleashed every bit of power I had? No...not yet.

"The biggest Mistake you made...was leaving me alive at the colony. You should have killed me when you had the chance."

"Lightning Strike!"

"Cannon mode! Infinty shot!"

Kai's sword shifted into it's cannon form and fired just as the lightning attack was about to hit him. The shot went straight through and nearly hit the fencer who jumped back out of the way.
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