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Is it possible this mod is incompatible with the "High level force powers" mod?

as it causes the game to drop to the main menu when loading a new area 99% of the time, I know its this as I've installed ever other mod incrementally and it worked fine (well as fine as TSL runs on Vista) but once this was installed the problem started, even removing the files doesn't fix it I've to start a fresh override folder (not a problem though)

i'm gonna keep testing however, i'll remove it all then, install this then HLFP and test it, currently i did HLFP then this and it has problems.
Then try the game with these independently to double check its no other mods in conflicts with

The other Mods i'm using are
Bastila PC
FeatsGain by shem
*Pretty Artis by Antinate

i wouldn't have thought any of them would conflict with it and the ones i've stared i added after i found the problems with this

any ideas? really want to try this mod out

Edit: No matter how i've installed this i just can't get it to be stable, it just causes the game to drop to the main TSL menu and you can't click anything you have to end the game via task manager and re-start and then you start the gauntlet again of if it will load new areas, which invariably it doesn't and drops again

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