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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by this. My intention was to show that some religious practices are simply natural results of the sort of creature human beings are. Much like if I, when angry, throw something on the ground. It's not that I expect anything to change because I do this-- it's just something that I do. It makes me feel better, true, but that's not why I do it. The best explanation I have is that such behavior is instinctual. So you see why I'm having difficulty understanding what you mean by saying it's fictional; I don't think that the practice of a religion rises from a belief, but that the two develop concurrently.

Of interest to this idea is this essay by Anscombe, particularly section I.

Obviously the idea that there exist some sort of invisible beings is flawed (I remarked there wasn't any reason to believe in such things), but that's not what I was interested in.
I had to re-read the passage again, because, like I said, I could have understood it wrong.
And I think I understand what you ment there now. Although, the way it was written sounded like you were stating that a persons body would die but his soul would live on was a fact of nature.

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